About Us

Welcome to the crossroads...home of Hepzibah Baptist Church.

Our greatest desire is to honor the Lord and care for all people. We want every man, woman and child to experience the life Jesus Christ freely offers to all who will receive Him.

Hepzibah was organized in 1837 as Clear Creek Church.  Early in the 1800s a group of nine people met for worship in a small one-room log cabin on the banks of Clear Creek.  They had no kerosene lights, no musical instruments and no indoor plumbing.  But what they did have was a strong faith in the Lord.  The little log cabin church was located about a mile and a half southwest of the present church.  By 1837 the band of Christians had grown to 15 and on September 16, 1837, Clear Creek Church joined the Coosa River Association. The modest log structure was the community church as those early Christians struggled for their existence. 

There were only a few ordained ministers at this time and most of them were circuit-riding preachers.  Rev. Oliver Welch was the first preacher at Clear Creek Church. The church met on the 3rd Sunday of each month. There was little growth during the first years but by the late 1840’s the church had almost doubled in size and had 25 members.

Disaster struck when the Great Mobile Hurricane of 1852 destroyed the church. The storm came ashore in Mobile and was still a powerful storm as it swept across central Alabama completely destroying the church. Undaunted by great losses this Bible-believing group built again on six acres of land near where the present church is located. By 1854 they were in a new building with a new church name, Hephzibah.  The name Hephzibah is taken from Isaiah 62:4 and means ‘My delight is in her.’   The original spelling was later changed to Hepzibah.

Hepzibah continued to grow and thrive.  Mission gifts grew to $24.00  These donations may seem scant but the people who settled in Alabama were farmers with little cash and they gave sacrificially.   By the time the second church building had been completed in 1854 there were only 17 members on roll but by 1922 there were 153 members.  The Alabama Baptist is filled with reports of the great revivals or “protracted meetings” as they were called which took place at Hepzibah. Great Baptist leaders stood in the pulpit and preached the gospel.

Due to the increased growth a new building was built in 1923.  In October 1938 the church voted to begin having services two Sundays a month. Services were held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays.  In 1936 the Church began giving to the Cooperative Program through the budget and in 1943 the church began meeting EVERY Sunday rather than twice a month.  By 1961 due to continued growth a new church building once again was built. In 2003 a Christian Life Center was built that included a regulation gym, full commercial kitchen, nursery, preschool area and education classrooms.

We are so thankful God richly blessed the small group of Christians that organized the first church on the banks of Clear Creek. The roots, which they planted, ran deep and true.  They still provide a strong foundation to which future generations can draw strength.  With this humble beginning in a one room log building with little in the way of comfort or material resources one could not have foreseen the growth and blessings, which God had in store for His people.  The Bible, which was the centerpiece of literature, was preached with power by the old fashioned preachers who had little in the way of formal education.  Through these preachers God provided the leadership needed to guide this body of believers. 

Hepzibah Baptist Church has a wonderful heritage but our greatest days lie ahead. Jesus said, “Seek First the Kingdom of God...” The fellowship of Hepzibah Baptist Church is headed in that direction.

Come with us and share the joy!  There is a place for you.